udaipur ambulance service

Yuvraj Travels Udaipur Ambulance Service All Type Of Ambulace Vehicles Are Available 24 Hours At Yuvraj Travels
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Yuvraj Travels Udaipur Ambulance Service Provides Fast & Quick Access for Ambulance in Accident and Emergency. When you require it. Where you require it. For Saving lives and your loved ones.

  • Best Life Support.
  • Intransit preliminary medical care.
  • Leading to optimal and timely interventions.


Services We Provide In Our Ambulance Service

  • AC Ambulance / Non AC Ambulance
  • Ventilator Ambulace / Without Ventilator Ambulance
  • ICU Ambulance / Without ICU Ambulance
  • Medical Staff / Without Medical Staff

Contact for booking on our Mo. 9414470897, 9799492127. Mr Rajendra Singh Yaduvanshi

Udaipur Ambulance

Udaipur peoples had been long suffering and travelling all the way to Ahmadabad for emergency medical services.
Looking forward to long awaited need of Udaipur people for emergency services Yuvraj Travels Ambulance Service had come up with an Exclusive Emergency trauma and Critical care Centre.

 The Department had well trained counsellor and doctors to handle any kind of emergencies round the clock it.

For Providing Emergency Madical Care Which Take Care Of:-

  • Basic life support
  • In transit preliminary medical care
  • Leading to optimal & timely interventions


Services which were available are now a part of Udaipur Ambulace Service:-

  • 24/7-Ambulance Services
  • Patient retrievable
  • Minor & major procedure
  • Resuscitation and stabilization
  • Life Support
  • Outpatient therapeutic services
  • Poly Trauma
  • Accident and Emergency
Udaipur Ambulace Service

We are committed to providing quality healthcare services to the patients to recover their health as swiftly as possible. This unit was established in 2010, on the principles of compassion, caring and community partnership. We provide a wide – range of medical needs with the highest level of know-how and healthcare across the region. We strive to find creative ways to enhance our quality in patient care by setting exceptional standards, 360* care, optimal cure and highest comfort with the help of latest technology and state-of-the-art facilities at reasonable prices.

Udaipur Ambulance Service

Ambulance Service In Udaipur

Udaipur is the metropolitan city that has all the important means to manage emergencies, any kind of crisis or even a disaster. The ambulance service is provided by both Government as well as Private hospitals and they can be accessed anytime during a day. The ambulance service in Udaipur is available twenty four hours a day, one can get the ambulance at the emergency location at the moment in few minutes on time. If you are in need of an ambulance service, then you can contact us in Udaipur and it will arrive as soon as possible. Many of these ambulance services are also involved in the transportation of Corona patients in and around Udaipur city. Equipped with all amenities these ambulances in Udaipur are doing all to serve the residents of the city.

For the millions of the families struggling for the rapid and comfortable ambulance services, Udaipur Ambulance Services has proved like a boon. Now a user can very easily make the booking of our Highly Advanced Road Ambulances for the fast shifting of your loved ones for the expert treatments. Now you can avail the benefit of our ground ambulances 24×7. We are ready 24×7 and render our professional, expert, hitech, trustworthy, reasonable and experienced services in the different states of India.

About  Udaipur Ambulance Service

Set up in the year 2001, Ambulance Services in Udaipur & Ahmedabad is a best player in the classification ICU Ambulance Services in the Udaipur. This notable foundation goes about as a one-stop goal adjusting customer’s both nearby and from different parts of Udaipur.
The conviction that client’s loyalty is as essential as their items and administrations, have helped this foundation accumulate a lage base of clients, which keeps on developing constantly. This business employs people that are devoted towards their individual jobs and put in a great deal of exertion to accomplish the basic vision and bigger objectives of the organization.

Udaipur ambulance service
Udaipur Ambulance Service

Udaipur Ambulance Service

Ambulance services play an important role in providing pre-hospital medical care and also transport patients from one place to another in the rapid manner. It is a vital part of our country’s emergency services as it provides easy and fast access to health services. Yuvraj Tarvels Udaipur Ambulance Service includes all the essential medical equipment which is required in emergency situations and a paramedical staff whose job is to provide clinical interventions to seriously ill patients and to transport them to the hospital in the quickest way possible. In an emergency condition such as a health-related calamity or road accident in Udaipur, it is very simple to reach out to Udaipur ambulance services by calling on our customer care service number and giving them with information about the location. These ambulance services in Udaipur, Ahmedabad Jaipur and many more places provide the best services to their patients and their main focus is to set unusual standards in care, comfort, and technology. We provide a proper pre-hospital medical environment which makes sure the consistent care of patients from the incident place to the hospital. Our prices are also very affordable so that each and every person in need gets the service. The Yuvraj Travels Udaipur Ambulance Service are boon for the people as they can avail it at any time. In recent times, with the extending crisis in the health of people, it is very important to introduce technologies and services that could give to the health care system. The main aim of the Yuvraj Travels Udaipur Ambulance Service is to provide an organized and disciplined system, allowing quick response by customer care and the availability of ambulances at the incident places.

Yuvraj Travels Air Ambulance Service


The capital city of Rajasthan, India is among the densely populated cities. It has certifying remarkable development across multiple sectors. The medical facilities too have improved highly in the past few years. But is it sufficient enough to fulfill the need of the instantly modifying population? The requirement for advanced Air Ambulances in Udaipur is getting significantly considered by hundreds of families coming from various regions of the city that could not receive better medical assistance due to the deficit of immediate medicinal care.

The company Yuvraj Travels Air and Road Ambulance Services has been playing an exceptional role in commuting medically unfit patients from one place to another in the safest possible manner in the swiftest interval of time. We have years of experience in this highly competitive and abrasive industry of emergency medical services.

Ambulance Service Udaipur
Udaipur Ambulance Service

24 Hours Air Ambulance Service

Yuvraj Travels is the pioneer in Air Ambulance Services in India. We provide an excellent service to its client’s and gives 100% client’s satisfaction.Thus Yuvraj Travels has become the king of Air Ambulance Services in Udaipur. Though there are many air ambulances service providers in the city but Yuvraj Travels is considered as the best as it is one of the most reliable and hi-tech low-cost Air Ambulance Services providers in India.

Yuvraj Travels Air Ambulance Service is available 24 hours in Udaipur to transfer the very critically ill or ill-treated patient from Udaipur to Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Bangalore along with the complete bedside to bedside necessary and hi-tech medical facilities. We provide Air Ambulance Services from Udaipur at affordable fares.

Ambulance We Have

Udaipur Ambulance Service
Udaipur Ambulance Service
Udaipur Ambulance Service
Udaipur Ambulance Service
Udaipur Ambulance Service

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