Temporary Drivers

Yuvraj Travels Temporary Drivers Service is the pioneer and leader in driver hire services having done a successful run of 15+ years, 20,00,000+ bookings and 100,000+ satisfied customers and growing. The company is currently operational in Rajasthan and Ahmedabad and is planning to open office in other major cities in the near future. The company has a large team of experienced, reliable, skilled and professional car drivers for hire having thorough knowledge of the city. We do a thorough criminal background check on all our car drivers in Rajasthan and Ahmedabad before confirming them permanently in our system. Customers can hire a driver 24 hours (incl. holidays) whenever they need, through a Phone Call on 9414470897, 9799492127.


  • Explorer and Leader Driver Hire Service. 
  • Large Team Of Experienced, Reliable, Skillful and Professional Drivers having through knowledge of all the cities.
  • All Of Our Drivers Have A Minimum 3+ Years Driving Experience.
  • Ease Of Booking: On Call Facility For Driver Hire Service.
  • On Demands Driver Can Be Hired 24 Hours Basic Inc Holidays.
  • Fast & Efficient Service.
  • Dedicated Team Of Polite, Courteous & Responsibe Customer Service.

Our Experienced Chauffeur Team

Temporary Driver

1. Dhanraj Ji

Experience:- 38 Years In Driving Profession

Temporary Driver

2. Pushkar Ji

Experience:- 24 Years In Driving Profession

3. Bansi Lal Ji

Experience:- 22 Years In Driving Profession

Temporary Driver

4. Jaswant Ji

Experience:- 18 Years In Driving Profession

Temporary Driver

5. Rakesh Ji

Experience:- 17 Years In Driving Profession

Temporary Driver

6. Shekher Ji

Experience :- 16 Years In Driving Profession

Yuvraj Travels Temporary Drivers Service Provides

Taxi Service In Udaipur

Fare Price

Hiring a full-time chauffeur is very costly. Instead, you can hire a part time chauffeurs from us. They’ll provide transportation when you absolutely require it, and make themselves scarce once the job is done. Our prices are very reasonable. After this, you will only be charged by the minute. If you’re ever in requirement of transportation, we can provide you the chauffeur.

Driver By The Hour

Our hourly packages are great when you are looking for a trip to and fro from the airport or the railway station to pick or drop your family members or relatives. Fast and easy, we make sure you reach your destination and back in time hassle- free.

Temporary Drivers

Corporate Meetings

Corporate meetings are all about being well prepared and well matched! But, driving across the city can be stressful and sap all your energy before the censorious meeting. While you prepare for your next sales pitch, we help you reach your meeting destination fresh and restored to do your best and close the deal well!

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