Udaipur Nearby Sightseeing
(One Day Tour)

Chittorgarh Fort & Sawariyan Sath Temple

Chittorgarh fort

1. Chittorgarh Fort

The Chittorgarh is also known as Chittod Fort, is one of the largest forts in India. The fort was the capital of Mewar and is situated in the present-day city of Chittorgarh. The fort covers 65 historic structures, which include four palaces, 19 large temples, 20 big water bodies, 4 memorials and a few victory towers.

Sawariyan Ji

2. Sawariyan Ji Temple

The Sanwalia ji temples of the Dark Krishna are located on the Chittorgarh–Udaipur Highway, Rajasthan. The historic city of valor and devotion. Mandaphiya is now known as Shri Sanwaliya Dham and is second only to Shreenath Ji Temple, Nathdwara to the followers of the Vaishnav Sect.