Ambrai Ghat Udaipur

Ambrai Ghat or Manjhi Ghat is a main ghat situated near the waterfront of Lake Pichola in Udaipur. It is situated opposite to the Gangaur Ghat, near the Jagdish Chowk area.

Ambrai Ghat is a gateway to a delighting experience that passes from the old streets of the area which is also known as ‘Old City’ in Udaipur. The Ambrai Ghat has been well maintained well by the Nagar Parishad of Udaipur, marble boundaries are installed and wide seats for resting are also available on the Ghat

Some More About Ambrai Ghat Udaipur

Ambrai Ghat is one of the best Ghat in Udaipur where you will only experience peace and found the beauty of the lake. And where the Cool cold wind will touch your body, which will make you feel very peaceful and calm from your day’s stressful life. Ambrai Ghat Udaipur is also known for Hanuman Ghat because there is the small temple of Hinduism god Shree Hanuman. Usually, this place crowded by locality people and others visitors. In early morning, here you can find more peace with old citizens of Udaipur, doing Yoga, taking baths into lakes and different activies.

Ambrai Ghat is located near the beautiful Lake Pichola and it is a common visiting site for birds and pigeons which come here occasionally and chirps joyously. In addition to these beautiful sounds al of us can experience a spellbinding view of golden sun setting down on the waters of Lake Pichola. One can also have a look at some of the beautiful momorial from this ghat which are located on different islands of the lake and includes Lake Palace, Shiv Niwas, Jag Mandir etc. The Nagar Parishad of Udaipur has made consistent efforts to expand and maintain this ghat by installation of marble boundaries and making available wide seats for the rest of the tourists. Several local people visit this ghat to indulge in the activity of swimming and have a restoring afternoon. They take a deep dive into the beautiful waters of Lake Pichola and embraces the freashness of the place.

Ambrai Ghat is a prominent place of visitors attraction in the City of Lakes. This ghat was previously known as Manjhi Ghat and is one of the most recognizeable places in Udaipur. A visit to this serene ghat is an enlightening and beautiful experience. The ghat is located at such a place which goes through the slim streets of the area in “Old City” of Udaipur. Many facilities have been provided for by the Nagar Parishad of Udaipur for the convenience and enjoyable experience of the visitors.

The place is so famous among the tourist that it remains crowded throughout the day. It attaracts all kinds of tourists from youngsters to old age people. This place is prominent amongst all the lovers because it is the perfect place for having a lovely evening with your soul mate. You can also plan of getting a pre-wedding shoot done at this lovable spot. You can also spot some beautiful kites flying over the ghat because of the good speed of wind which is present at this beautiful ghat.